Start investing and save taxes at the same time

Are you ready to make your money work for you? Discover the secrets in Germany to significantly increasing your passive income while minimizing your tax burden.

Don't accept average results or high taxes. Unlock your full financial potential. Book your free consultation now and start your journey towards a prosperous and tax-efficient future.

Get an individual strategy in the financial jungle of Germany.

Navigating through the complex world of insurances, investments, and tax savings in Germany with ease — even locals find it tough! With me as financial expert on your side, you will benefit from all the advantages of the German financial system. You get:

  • An individual strategy, based on your goals, your situation and risk profile.
  • Simple and clear communication in English.
  • One personal contact person.
  • Increasing assets, despite inflation.
  • Exactly the insurances you need. Not more and not less.
  • Tax beneficial investments.

Trustes by over 250 Expat-clients in Germany

We’ve been Marcel’s clients for the past year now and thrilled we’ve found a finance consultant of his expertise, honesty and kindness to navigate the German finance sector. From retirement, investment, life insurance plans to genuine and knowledgeable insights of german taxation and bureaucratic process, Marcel has taken a burden off our shoulders and saved us so much time and research. We fully trust him and throughly enjoy any interaction we have with him. Very professional and friendly. 100% recommend!!!
I found Marcel to be very helpful and approachable. Since I am completely new to Germany, I had no idea about any financial stuff. I approached him at first for the Tax filing, which he helped me very quickly. After that, he has given me much valuable information regarding the investment options and other financial aspects related to Germany. I would recommend Marcel to anyone looking for a complete financial advice related to Germany, especially if you are an expat.
Marcel is a very professional and experienced financial consultant. I feel pretty easy working with him and have complete confidence in his advise. He even have told me on an occassion to accept an another offer from an other company as it was more beneficial for me (which made me trust him even more) and yes offcourse, first thing you will notice about him is his big smile with big shiny teeth :)

Your finances, easier than ever

  • We get to know each other and see if we match. If so, we will discuss your goals and current situation. This is the basis for your solid and profitable strategy, which follows in the second step.
  • We discuss your individual financial strategy and all your questions and doubts will be answered. Depending on the complexity, we'll have either one or two consultation meetings. This ensures you understand everything clearly, empowering you to make good decisions.
  • You'll get assistance in setting everything up and navigating through the German bureaucracy to ensure a smooth and accurate implementation.
  • The real service starts, after everything is set up. Whether you have questions, a damage claim, new goals, encounter life changes, change your address or want to adjust your strategy. Always just a phone call or email away for you.

"There are no more headaches. I have a good understanding of how everything works here. Working with Marcel is not institutional. More like a friend helping a friend." 

- Patricia S.

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